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How and Where to Buy Oxytocin

How and Where to Buy Oxytocin

There are a few products on the market supposedly containing oxytocin that are available to the public, both prescription and non-prescription. I’ll share them with you here:

First, let me say this is not an endorsement for any one product. You need to inform yourself about anything that you take personally and always consult with a physician. However, I will tell you that I have personally tried the oxytocin products noted here:

Belmar Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy in Colorado that offers oxytocin tablets that can actually be absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract. They are able to do this through a patented absorption system. These tablets are pure oxytocin. After a single 10 unit dosage, I felt a sense of calm and relaxation for nearly six hours. These tablets require a physician’s prescription. If you can get your doctor to write a script (print off some of the articles and resources on for their information), you can order them from Belmar and they’ll ship them directly to you. They can’t ship outside the country so if you live in Canada or New Zealand, you must have them shipped to a friend in the US and then have the friend ship them to you. These tablets are very effective. Taken appropriately, they offer a multitude of benefits. I currently have about 15 clients taking them on an experimental basis. So far, the results are very positive. This is not an inexpensive drug. A one month supply of the 10 IU tablets will cost approximately $70 per month and is not covered by insurance.