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How Much Oxytocin Should be Used?

How Much Oxytocin Should be Used?

Again I reiterate that none of these statements have been approved by the FDA. I am only sharing information with you based on my own personal use of oxytocin and observations made of those taking it.

Research into the sublingual usage of oxytocin indicates that unlike other drugs, oxytocin is not more effective the higher the dosage in fact it’s just the opposite. Sublingual dosages as high as *400 IU have not proven to be any more effective than a 20 IU dosage. To date I have found that a 10 IU sublingual dosage twice per day is more than adequate for a sustained increase in well being and reduced stress throughout the day with no noted side effects. This has been effective for both adults and children who have diagnosable levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and other similar conditions.

I’m sure as with most things individual responses vary based on gender, age, weight, and psychological profile. Please consult your physician.

*The reference to this study can be found at in the FAQ section on safety.