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How Oxytocin Helps Make You Feel Better

How Oxytocin Helps Make You Feel Better

This site is written to explain the what, why and where of oxytocin in a no-nonsense fashion. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition mentioned or not mentioned here. You are encouraged to print of this information and take it to your physician as a useful educational tool for working with oxytocin from a medical perspective.

Oxytocin is a naturally occurring hormone in the brain. It is released through very simple acts such as receiving a hug, being listened to, laughter, touch, orgasm, chocolate, good food, and good music to name a few. However, for adults and children who have experienced trauma at early ages, or who’ve been exposed to prolonged states of stress, the brain’s natural oxytocin response can be remarkably diminished, leading to severe behavior challenges, attachment issues, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and more.

Much of the literature and findings regarding oxytocin has been written by scientists for scientist. Many are sponsored by universities and pharmaceutical companies. They may be difficult to understand and decipher or even worse, leave average readers feeling more confused than before they started reading. It is important that a hormone with the potential of oxytocin be communicated and understood in a manner that makes sense and has real-life application.